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Kang Yusuf Hi, You can call me Kang Yusuf. Learning by Doing and Just 4 Fun :-D

Download Ygopro For Android Update

Download Ygopro For Android Update. YGOPRO for Android is a free to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game based on YGOPRO 2. Latest cards are available for use and new cards are added as soon as they are announced. Players can duel in Single, Match or Tag duels.

Players using any of our YGOPRO versions including the Windows versions of YGOPRO and YGOPRO 2 are able to duel against the Android users. The games share the same servers.

There is a single player mode where players can duel our advanced, bleeding edge Dueling Robot. 


Frequently Asked Questions Download Ygopro For Android Update.

Download Ygopro For Android Update


How do I install YGOPRO 2 on Android?

Simply tap the YGOPRO APK file you downloaded, you will get a popup, press Continue and then press Install. During the installation process you might get a warning which says “Blocked by Play Protect”, click Install Anyway.

Once the App is installed, open it, it will ask you for permissions to access files on your phone, press Allow. After pressing allow the game will take a couple of seconds to extract some additional files, then it should show you the Login screen.
Can I use my TDOANE account to log in?

Yes. When dueling on the Android version you will earn the same rewards as you do when playing on PC. If you have a custom avatar or card back set up on the PC version of YGOPRO, they will be available to you on the Android version.

Can I import decks from my PC ?

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, locate the deck file on your PC and copy it into this folder: This PC\Internal shared storage\ygocore\deck

Download Ygopro For Android at Google Drive 

Download Ygopro Fpr Android at Media Fire

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Kang Yusuf
Kang Yusuf  Hi, You can call me Kang Yusuf. Learning by Doing and Just 4 Fun :-D
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